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Date added: 2015-11-25 Length: 00:20:14 Rating:
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Description : Hey Guys!

John Strong reporting today with quite the interesting story. Had this blonde chick come in, goes by the name Trillium, looking to have her inner thighs about easy, right? She practically put my hand over her pussy! If anything, I was going to let this one ride out, see where it brings me. Trillium asks me a ton of favors from good mechanics to tutoring in school... I started rubbing her inner thighs but the chick made it so hard for me not to have a stiff cock. Trillium removed the towel I placed on her ass exposing her juicy ass and sweet lookin' pussy lips. Trillium finally got to my head, asking me if I knew anyone that could help her move. I told her I knew someone that may be able to give her a discount, but she makes it clear that she was broke and would do anything for me in exchange for some help. With that said, she exposes her naked body, willing and ready to suck my cock. But the joke was on me, after I came and fucked her brains out, she knew about my hidden camera, asking for a copy to give to her boyfriend. Man this chick is nuts!

John Strong
Date added: 2015-07-29 Length: 00:19:12 Rating:
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Description : Cassidy Klein gets up next to her boyfriend from a crazy evening of hard partying. Having barely any rest, Cassidy begs her boyfriend for a massage so she could snooze. He finally caves in but it doesn't last very long as he turns on his back and dozes off. Cassidy gets up in frustration, not knowing what to do. Derrick Pierce walks into the living room, wondering why Cassidy was naked. She explains that her useless boyfriend was supposed to massage her so she could rest but that didn't happen. She asks Derrick if he could give her a massage but he wasn't sure considering her boyfriend was right beside them...

Derrick ultimately gives in, massaging her naked body, going lower and lower towards her ass. Cassidy compliments his techniques, claiming he was way better at massaging than her boyfriend. She turns around on her back, exposing her chest, where Derrick didn't seem to care and was totally into it. Cassidy's boyfriend kept shifting around, scaring Derrick and ultimately getting caught on top of his girlfriend. He became uncomfortable saying he had to go but Cassidy had other plans for Derrick and his huge boner. Her tricky business will not go unnoticed! Enjoy!
Date added: 2015-04-29 Length: 00:21:57 Rating:
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Description : Katrina Jade is super stoked for the Rock Hard festival tonight. She's been waiting for a record deal and thinks this event will be the perfect opportunity to be noticed. What better way to unwind than to have Eric Masterson come to her hotel room for a massage. Eric uses his charm to ease his way into conversation with Katrina asking her what her plans are and what brings her to the hotel. Of course Eric doesn't waste any time maneuvering his way towards her ass, where he mentions there is tons of tension. Katrina doesn't fall for his tricks and respectfully asks him to move away from her butt. He retreats to her legs, then asks Katrina to flip over so he can work on her pectoral muscles, but she is not keen on allowing him to go near her tits. Eric the master persuader, convinces her that in order for him to do his job properly, he would need to rub her tense tits. Sensing she's still being uptight, Eric mentions that his friend, a music producer was able hook up his client Rachel and she got a record deal from it. Katrina is fully attentive to what Eric has to say, and invites him to her show tonight. Unfortunately, Eric has to work late, but proposes an alternative to help her with her endeavor. Will she accept his indecent proposal or stick to her morals and climb the ladder of success on her own?
Date added: 2015-04-15 Length: 00:19:30 Rating:
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Description : Hey Guys,

Katrina came in today feeling a little down. Her band was supposed to have a gig on Friday, but lost the venue. I planned on taking care of her in any way possible. She seemed pretty tense everywhere so I eased my way towards her upper thigh. She got pissed at me because I was too close to her pussy, so I backed off. Keeping the conversation in good standings, I let her know I had a buddy who owned a venue, and it just so happened it was free that Friday. She was reluctant at first, I needed to gain her trust. I let her know she looked like a good person and there was something we could definitely work out. I am going to get my dick sucked by a rock star! She couldn't help herself but sit on my dick and ride the hell out of me. Well, at least it worked out for both of us! Win win situation, don't you think?